Jesse Hepler Lilac Arboretum

Coordinates: 43°08′08″N 70°55′56″W / 43.1355°N 70.9322°W / 43.1355; -70.9322
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The Jesse Hepler Lilac Arboretum was located on the University of New Hampshire campus in Durham, New Hampshire, USA, at 4 Library Way,[1] from 1940 to 1980.

The slope behind Thompson Hall

Jesse R. Hepler was acting chairman of the horticulture department in 1938, and suggested establishing a lilac arboretum on the slope behind Thompson Hall, a site that became known as Lilac Hill. It was dedicated in 1940, and in 1948 many of the research species were relocated there.[2] It had 100 varieties of lilac (Syringa species) in seven color classes.[3] By 1980, the genetic range had diminished due to cross breeding, and the decision was taken to uproot the arboretum. The lilac is the state flower of New Hampshire,[4] and the plants were offered to the campus community. Lilac lovers wanting plants for their gardens cleared the site within 90 minutes.[2] The continuing research into lilacs was moved to the UNH Horticultural Research facility at Woodman Farm, Spinney Lane, in Durham (at 43°09′05″N 70°56′38″W / 43.1513°N 70.9440°W / 43.1513; -70.9440 (UNH Woodman Farm)).


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43°08′08″N 70°55′56″W / 43.1355°N 70.9322°W / 43.1355; -70.9322