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Here is a list of common sources I use in my creation/editing of articles.

Most are textbooks from my university course in Biomedical science, others are just books lying about my house.

The Sources[edit]


Atlas RM and Bartha R (1998) Microbial Ecology: Fundamentals and Applications, Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company, Menlo Park, California, ISBN 0-8053-0665-2

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Jennison G (1927) Natural History Animals: and illustrated who's who of the animal world, A & C Black Ltd, Great Britain (Before ISBNs & out of copyvio!)

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MacMaster H (2002) Mostly Murder 2 (Queensland Crime Collection 1950-2000), Hugh MacMaster, Rockhampton, Queensland, ISBN 1-876674-26-6

Moore P (2003) E=mc2: The great ideas that shaped our world, 2nd Reprint, New Burlington Books, London, ISBN 1-86155-317-X

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Hurst J and White SA (1994) Ethics and the Australian News Media, Macmillan Publishers Australia, South Yarra, Victoria, ISBN 0-7329-1939-8

Miscellaneous Australiana[edit]

Isaacs J (198-0) Australian Dreaming: 40,000 Years of Aboriginal History, Lansdowne Press, Sydney, New South Wales, ISBN 0-7018-1330-X

Underhill D (1993) Australia's Dangerous Creatures, Reader's Digest, Sydney, New South Wales, ISBN 0-86438-018-6


The Modern World Encyclopedia (Illustrated) (1935) The Home Entertainment Library, Made and Printed in Great Britain by Hazell, Watson & Viney Ltd. London and Aylesbury

  • Complete set–9 Volumes, including a world Atlas. This is a great resource for untainted modernish facts. And a perspective on post-World-War I Europe (early WWII) untainted by the factuality of the holocaust and other WWII (and beyond) activities.

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Personal style of referencing[edit]

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Journal Articles[edit]

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