List of presidents of the Cambridge Union

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This is a list of presidents of the Cambridge Union since its foundation in 1815.


Year Term President College
1815 Lent Mr E. Gambier Trinity
1815 Easter Lord Normanby Trinity
1815 Michaelmas The Hon. C. J. Shore Trinity
1816 Lent Mr G. Stainforth[a] Trinity
1816 Easter Mr E. Leycester St John's
1816 Michaelmas Mr R. Whitcombe[b] Trinity
1817 Lent Mr W. Whewell Trinity
1817 Easter Mr C. Thirlwall Trinity
1817 Michaelmas Mr H. J. Rose Trinity
1818 Lent Mr B. H. Malkin Trinity
1818 Easter Mr T. Thorp Trinity
1818 Michaelmas Mr T. Baines Trinity
1819 Lent Mr T. Platt Trinity
1819 Easter Mr S. Hawkes Trinity
1819 Michaelmas Mr J. Cooper Trinity
1820 Lent Mr E. D. Rhodes Sidney Sussex
1820 Easter Mr E. Whiteley Jesus
1820 Michaelmas Mr T. Sheepshanks Trinity
1821 Lent Mr E. Strutt Trinity
1821 Easter Mr J. Punnett Clare
1821 Michaelmas Mr J. Furnival Queens'
1822 Lent Mr C. Austin Jesus
1822 Easter Mr C. Villiers St John's
1822 Michaelmas Mr W. H. Ord Trinity
1823 Lent Mr W. Blunt King's
1823 Easter Mr G. O. Townsend King's
1823 Michaelmas Mr J. J. Rawlinson Trinity
1824 Lent Mr R. C. Hildyard St Catharine's
1824 Easter Mr A. J. Cockburn Trinity Hall
1824 Michaelmas Mr J. Haughton Pembroke
1825 Lent Mr W. E. Tooke Trinity
1825 Easter Mr B. H. Kennedy St John's
1825 Michaelmas Mr J. Stock Peterhouse
1826 Lent Mr J. Wilson Trinity
1826 Easter Mr J. H. Smith Corpus Christi
1826 Michaelmas Mr C. Lillingston Emmanuel
1827 Lent Mr C. Buller Trinity
1827 Easter Mr J. Sterling Trinity Hall
1827 Michaelmas Mr S. H. Walpole Trinity
1828 Lent Mr J. Kemble Trinity
1828 Easter Mr R. C. Trench Trinity
1828 Michaelmas Mr H. H. Luscombe Clare
1829 Lent Mr J. W. Blakesley Corpus Christi
1829 Easter Mr C. Chapman Corpus Christi
1829 Michaelmas Mr P. H. Crutchley Magdalene
1830 Lent Mr L. S. Orde Queens'
1830 Easter Mr H. Matthew Sidney Sussex
1830 Michaelmas Mr L. S. Orde (again) Queens'
1831 Lent Mr W. S. O'Brien Trinity
1831 Easter Mr J. W. D. Dundas Magdalene
1831 Michaelmas Mr W. H. Brookfield Trinity
1832 Lent Mr C. R. Kennedy Trinity
1832 Easter Mr H. Alford Trinity
1832 Michaelmas Mr R. A. Johnstone Trinity
1833 Lent Hon. C. W. Henniker St John's
1833 Easter Mr E. Warburton Trinity
1833 Michaelmas Mr J. E. Heathcote Trinity
1834 Lent Mr W. H. Brookfield* Trinity
Hon. W. C. Henniker* St John's
1834 Easter Mr C. White Magdalene
1834 Michaelmas Mr C. G. Burke Christ's
1835 Lent Mr G. F. Townsend Trinity
1835 Easter Mr K. Macaulay Jesus
1835 Michaelmas Mr W. A. Mackinnon St John's
1836 Lent Mr W. F. Pollock Trinity
1836 Easter Mr T. Spankie Trinity
1836 Michaelmas Mr H. R. Goldfinch Trinity
1837 Lent Mr A. Baillie-Cochrane Trinity
1837 Easter Mr A. J. Ellis Trinity
1837 Michaelmas Mr R. N. Phillipps Christ's
1838 Lent Mr J. C. Tindal Trinity
1838 Easter Sir J. Lighton St John's
1838 Michaelmas Mr S. T. Bartlett Clare
1839 Lent Mr A. J. B. Hope Trinity
Mr J. W. Donaldson Trinity
1839 Easter Mr C. J. Ellicott St John's
1839 Michaelmas Mr E. H. J. Crauford Trinity
1840 Lent Mr J. H. Bastard Trinity
1840 Easter Mr W. Werge St John's
1840 Michaelmas Mr J. A. Beaumont Trinity
1841 Lent Mr J. R. Stock St John's
1841 Easter Mr W. Cunliffe-Brooks St John's
1841 Michaelmas Mr T. H. Bullock King's
1842 Lent Mr E. Rudge St Catharine's
Mr G. Crawshay Trinity
1842 Easter Mr Hardcastle Peterhouse
1842 Michaelmas Mr T. S. Western Trinity
1843 Lent Mr F. W. Gibbs Trinity
1843 Easter The Hon. F. S. Grimston Magdalene
1843 Michaelmas Mr G. W. King Trinity
1844 Lent Mr J. C. H. Ogier Trinity
1844 Easter Mr W. Blake Trinity
1844 Michaelmas Mr E. F. Fiske Emmanuel
1845 Lent Mr C. Babington St John's
1845 Easter Mr H. Lindsay Trinity
1845 Michaelmas Mr R. A. Cross Trinity
1846 Lent Mr J. F. Baird Trinity
1846 Easter Mr T. Dealtry Trinity
1846 Michaelmas Mr A. Garfit Trinity
1847 Lent The Hon. W. F. Campbell Trinity
1847 Easter Mr J. Ll. Davies Trinity
1847 Michaelmas Mr A. A. Vansittart Trinity
1848 Lent Mr R. H. Parr Trinity
1848 Easter Mr Mr J. F. Thrupp Trinity
1848 Michaelmas Mr F. H. Colt Trinity
1849 Lent Hon. A. Gordon Trinity
1849 Easter Mr W. V. Harcourt Trinity
1849 Michaelmas Mr J. Ll. Davies* Trinity
1850 Lent Mr A. H. Louis Trinity
1850 Easter Mr R. Temple Trinity
1850 Michaelmas Mr R. Stuart Lane Gonville and Caius
1851 Lent Mr H. Leach Emmanuel
1851 Easter Mr P. Laurence Trinity
1851 Michaelmas Mr Mr H. A. Bright Trinity
1852 Lent Mr R. J. Cust Trinity
1852 Easter Mr J. Payn Trinity
1852 Michaelmas Mr F. J. A. Hort Trinity
1853 Lent Mr J. Lloyd Trinity
1853 Easter Mr A. Cohen Magdalene
1853 Michaelmas Mr E. Dicey Trinity
1854 Lent Mr C. T. Swanston Trinity
1854 Easter Mr H. W. Elphinstone Trinity
1854 Michaelmas Mr V. Lushington Trinity
1855 Lent Mr F. Kelly Trinity
1855 Easter Mr W. C. Gully Trinity
1855 Michaelmas Mr H. M. Butler Trinity
1856 Lent Mr W. D. Gardiner Trinity
1856 Easter Mr J. W. Dunning Trinity
1856 Michaelmas Mr E. E. Bowen Trinity
1857 Lent Mr C. Puller Trinity
1857 Easter Mr J. E. Gorst St John's
1857 Michaelmas Mr W. S. Smith Trinity
1858 Lent Mr C. A. Jones St John's
1858 Easter Mr R. O'Hara Gonville & Caius
1858 Michaelmas Mr E. H. Fisher Trinity
1859 Lent Mr H. C. Raikes Trinity
1859 Easter Mr O. Browning King's
1859 Michaelmas Mr T. W. Beddome Trinity
1860 Lent Mr C. Trotter Trinity
1860 Easter Mr H. Geary Corpus Christi
1860 Michaelmas Sir G. Young, Bart Trinity
1861 Lent Mr H. Sidgwick Trinity
1861 Easter Mr F. Ll. Bagshawe Trinity
1861 Michaelmas Mr G. O. Trevelyan Trinity
1862 Lent Mr W. M. Lane Trinity
1862 Easter Mr W. J. Lawrance Trinity
1862 Michaelmas Mr W. Everett Trinity
1863 Lent Mr E. L. O'Malley Trinity
1863 Easter Mr E. L. O'Malley* Trinity
1863 Michaelmas Mr A. Sidgwick Trinity
1864 Lent Mr R. D. Bennett Trinity Hall
1864 Easter Mr H. Jackson Trinity
1864 Michaelmas Mr C. W. Dilke Trinity Hall
1865 Lent Mr H. Peto Trinity
1865 Easter Mr J. R. Holland Trinity
1865 Michaelmas Mr E. S. Shuckburgh Emmanuel
1866 Lent Mr C. W. Dilke* Trinity Hall
1866 Easter Lord E. Fitzmaurice Trinity
1866 Michaelmas Mr H. L. Anderton Gonville & Caius
1867 Lent Mr W. R. Kennedy King's
1867 Easter Mr W. A. Lindsay Trinity
1867 Michaelmas Mr G. C. Whiteley St John's
1868 Lent Mr A. S. Wilkins St John's
1868 Easter Mr J. F. Moulton St Johns
1868 Michaelmas Mr E. A. Owen Trinity
1869 Lent Mr R. T. Wright Christ's
1869 Easter Mr Frank Watson St John's
1869 Michaelmas Mr J. Kennedy King's
1870 Lent Mr G. Warington Gonville & Caius
1870 Easter Mr A. Foster St John's
1870 Michaelmas Mr J. E. Symes Downing
1871 Lent Mr W. B. Odgers Trinity Hall
1871 Easter Mr J. de Soyres Gonville & Caius
1871 Michaelmas Mr C. G. Kellner King's
1872 Lent Mr W. F. MacMichael Downing
1872 Easter Mr W. Cunningham Trinity
1872 Michaelmas Mr T. O. Harding Trinity
1873 Lent Mr F. W. Maitland Trinity
1873 Easter Mr W. J. Scott Trinity
1873 Michaelmas Mr A. W. Verral Trinity
1874 Lent Mr C. S. Kenny Downing
1874 Easter Mr P. M. Laurence Corpus Christi
1874 Michaelmas Mr R. W. Jameson Trinity
1875 Lent Mr J. E. C. Munro Downing
1875 Easter Mr H. N. Martin Christ's
1875 Michaelmas Mr J. F. Skipper St John's
1876 Lent Mr J. E. C. Welldon King's
1876 Easter Mr J. F. Little Downing
1876 Michaelmas Mr R. C. Lehmann Trinity
1877 Lent The Hon. H. N. Waldegrave Trinity
1877 Easter Mr J. F. Main Trinity
1877 Michaelmas The Rev. A. G. Tweedie Gonville & Caius
1878 Lent Mr T. D. Hart Downing
1878 Easter Mr W. B. Milton Trinity
1878 Michaelmas Mr T. R. Hughes Trinity
1879 Lent Mr E. J. C. Morton St John's
1879 Easter Mr F. P. Lefroy Trinity
1879 Michaelmas Mr S. G. Ponsonby Trinity
1880 Lent Mr T. E. Scrutton Trinity
1880 Easter Mr J. P. Whitney King's
1880 Michaelmas Mr J. K. Stephen King's
1881 Lent Mr N. C. Hardcastle Downing
1881 Easter Mr Harold Cox Jesus
1881 Michaelmas Mr E. A. Parkyn Christ's
1882 Lent Mr O. Rigby St John's
1882 Easter Mr T. Beck Trinity
1882 Michaelmas Sir J. Peiris St John's
1883 Lent Mr F. L. Lucas Trinity
1883 Easter Mr J. R. Tanner St John's
1883 Michaelmas Mr G. S. W. Jebb Trinity
1884 Lent Mr W. Blain St John's
1884 Easter Mr W. H. Stables Trinity
1884 Michaelmas Mr W. A. Raleigh King's
1885 Lent The Hon. W. G. Scott Trinity
1885 Easter Mr E. A. Goulding St John's
1885 Michaelmas Mr J. T. Bell Trinity Hall
1886 Lent Mr E. J. Griffith Downing
1886 Easter Mr L. J. Maxse King's
1886 Michaelmas Mr H. Boyd-Carpenter King's
1887 Lent Mr L. G. B. J. Ford King's
1887 Easter Mr F. E. Garrett Trinity
1887 Michaelmas Count Strickland Trinity
1888 Lent Mr W. W. Grantham Trinity
1888 Easter Mr R. R. Ottley Trinity
1888 Michaelmas Mr R. J. Wilkinson Trinity
1889 Lent Mr F. H. Maugham Trinity Hall
1889 Easter Mr C. H. Bompas Trinity
1889 Michaelmas The Rev. E. Grose-Hodge Trinity Hall
1890 Lent Mr W. E. Brunyate Trinity
1890 Easter The Hon. M. M. Macnaghten Trinity
1890 Michaelmas Mr J. E. McTaggart Trinity
1891 Lent Mr S. R. C. Bosanquet Trinity
1891 Easter Mr E. W. MacBride St John's
1891 Michaelmas Mr R. F. Graham Campbell Trinity
1892 Lent Mr H. W. L. O'Rorke Trinity
1892 Easter Mr Anton Bertram Gonville & Caius
1892 Michaelmas Mr G. Davidson Kempt St John's
1893 Lent Mr J. H. B. Masterman St John's
1893 Easter Mr Peter Green St John's
1893 Michaelmas Mr Adolphus A. Jack Peterhouse
1894 Lent Mr Cathrew Fisher Trinity
1894 Easter Mr F. G. Thomas Sidney Sussex
1894 Michaelmas Mr F. B. Malim Trinity
1895 Lent Mr J. P. Thompson Trinity
1895 Easter Mr M. S. D. Butler Pembroke
1895 Michaelmas Mr L. Stuyvesant Chanler Trinity
Mr D. Shearme Trinity
1896 Lent Mr C. F. G. Masterman Christ's
1896 Easter Mr P. W. Wilson Clare
1896 Michaelmas Mr F. W. Lawrence Trinity
1897 Lent Mr Frank Butler Pembroke
1897 Easter Mr C. R. Buxton Trinity
1897 Michaelmas Mr Ernest W. Barnes Trinity
1898 Lent Mr W. Craig Henderson Trinity
1898 Easter Mr W. Finlay Trinity
1898 Michaelmas Mr B. N. Langdon-Davies Pembroke
1899 Lent Mr T. F. R. McDonnell St John's
1899 Easter Mr J. R. P. Sclater Emmanuel
1899 Michaelmas Mr C. E. Guiterman Trinity
1900 Lent Mr A. C. Pigou King's
1900 Easter Mr G. F. S. Bowles Trinity
1900 Michaelmas Mr E. H. Young Trinity
1901 Lent Mr Geo. Claus Rankin Trinity
1901 Easter Mr H. S. van Zijl St John's
1901 Michaelmas Mr F. W. Armstrong St John's
1902 Lent Mr D. H. Macgregor Trinity
1902 Easter Mr Percy B. Haigh St John's
1902 Michaelmas Mr E. S. Montagu Trinity
1903 Lent Mr J. G. Gordon Trinity
1903 Easter Mr Jas. Strachan Clare
1903 Michaelmas Mr J. Corry Arnold St John's
1904 Lent Mr F. E. Bray Trinity
1904 Easter Mr M. F. J. McDonnell St John's
1904 Michaelmas Mr J. T. Sheppard King's
1905 Lent Mr H. G. Wood Jesus
Mr J. M. Keynes King's
1905 Easter Mr J. K. Mozley Pembroke
1905 Michaelmas Mr H. W. Harris St John's
1906 Lent Mr S. J. M. Sampson Trinity
1906 Easter Mr A. C. O. Morgan[1] Trinity
1906 Michaelmas Mr A. P. Hughes-Gibb Trinity
Mr H. A. Holland Trinity
1907 Lent Mr E. G. Selwyn King's
1907 Easter Mr F. D. Livingstone[2] Peterhouse
1907 Michaelmas Mr O. F. Grazebrook Gonville & Caius
1908 Lent Mr M. M. Pattison Muir Gonville & Caius
1908 Easter Mr W. G. Elmslie Pembroke
1908 Michaelmas Mr C. Bethell[3] Trinity
1909 Lent Mr E. Evans Trinity Hall
1909 Easter Mr A. D. McNair Gonville & Caius
1909 Michaelmas Mr A. Ramsay[4] Gonville & Caius
1910 Lent Mr J. R. M. Butler Trinity
1910 Easter Mr G. G. G. Butler[5] Trinity
1910 Michaelmas Mr W. N. Birkett Emmanuel
1911 Lent Mr H. P. W. Burton St John's
1911 Easter Mr J. H. Allen[6] Jesus
1911 Michaelmas Mr D. H. Robertson Trinity
1912 Lent Mr K. F. Callaghan Gonville & Caius
1912 Easter Mr P. Noel-Baker King's
1912 Michaelmas Mr H. D. Henderson Emmanuel
1913 Lent Mr H. Wright Pembroke
1913 Easter Mr H. Grose Hodge Pembroke
1913 Michaelmas Mr E. P. Smith Gonville & Caius
1914 Lent Mr D. G. Rouquette[7] Sidney Sussex
1914 Easter Mr G. K. M. Butler[8] Trinity
1914 Michaelmas Mr J. H. B. Nihill Emmanuel
1915 Lent Mr H. D. Barnard[9] Jesus
1915 Easter Mr H. I. Lloyd Emmanuel
1915 Michaelmas Mr O. H. Hoexter Emmanuel
Mr D. E. Oliver Trinity Hall
1916 Lent Mr W. H. Ramsbottom Emmanuel
1916 Easter Mr F. O. C. Potter Trinity Hall

It was resolved at a Private Business Meeting held on Monday, May 8, 1916, to hold no elections for terminal officers in the Easter Term, nor subsequently for the duration of War, and that the functions of the Standing Committee be performed by the ex officio members of the Committee.


Year Term President College
1919 Easter Mr W. L. McNair Gonville and Caius
1919 Michaelmas Mr J. W. Morris Trinity Hall
1920 Lent Mr G. H. Shakespeare Emmanuel
1920 Easter Mr D. M. Reid Emmanuel
1920 Michaelmas Mr L. A. Abraham Peterhouse
1921 Lent Mr E. H. F. Morris Christ's
1921 Easter Mr G. G. Sharp Fitzwilliam House
1921 Michaelmas Mr G. W. Theobald Emmanuel
1922 Lent Mr W. D. Johnston Christ's
1922 Easter Mr R. E. Watson St Catharine's
1922 Michaelmas Mr Ian Macpherson Trinity
1923 Lent Mr G. G. Phillips Trinity
1923 Easter Mr R. Northam Queens'
1923 Michaelmas Mr R. H. L. Slater Jesus
1924 Lent Mr S. V. T. Adams King's
1924 Easter Mr R. A. Butler Pembroke
1924 Michaelmas Mr A. P. Marshall Gonville and Caius
1925 Lent Mr G. W. Lloyd Trinity
1925 Easter Mr J. W. G. Sparrow Trinity Hall
1925 Michaelmas Mr D. R. Hardman Christ's
1926 Lent Mr A. M. Ramsey Magdalene
1926 Easter Mr H. G. G. Herklots Trinity Hall
1926 Michaelmas Mr P. A. Devlin Christ's
1927 Lent Mr A. L. Hutchinson Christ's
1927 Easter Mr M. A. B. King-Hamilton Trinity Hall
1927 Michaelmas Mr J. S. B. Lloyd Magdalene
1928 Lent Mr H. L. Elvin Trinity Hall
1928 Easter Mr R. E. Stevenson St John's
1928 Michaelmas Mr G. Crowther Clare
1929 Lent Mr J. G. Leathem St John's
1929 Easter Mr H. M. Foot St John's
1929 Michaelmas H. J. Sinclair, 2nd Baron Pentland Trinity
1930 Lent Mr K. Adam St John's
1930 Easter Mr C. W. Jenks Gonville and Caius
1930 Michaelmas Mr L. J. Gamlin Fitzwilliam House
1931 Lent Mr J. D. F. Green Peterhouse
1931 Easter Mr K. W. Britton Clare
1931 Michaelmas Mr F. Elwyn Jones Gonville and Caius
1932 Lent Mr A. H. Snell Jesus
1932 Easter Mr A. E. Holdsworth Gonville and Caius
1932 Michaelmas Mr S. S. Dhavan Emmanuel
1933 Lent Mr T. R. Leathem St John's
1933 Easter Mr M. L. Barkway Queens'
1933 Michaelmas Mr T. A. W. Blackwell[10] Magdalene
1934 Lent Mr S. B. R. Cooke Gonville and Caius
1934 Easter Mr G. de Freitas Clare
1934 Michaelmas Mr E. H. G. Evans Gonville and Caius
1935 Lent Count D. M. Tolstoy-Miloslavsky Trinity
1935 Easter Mr C. J. M. Alport Pembroke
1935 Michaelmas Mr A. W. G. Kean Queens'
1936 Lent Mr C. Fletcher Cooke Peterhouse
1936 Easter Mr J. A. Dobbs Trinity Hall
1936 Michaelmas Mr R. L. Miall St John's
1937 Lent Mr G. B. Croasdell Pembroke
1937 Easter Mr Ronald Vincent Gibson Gonville and Caius
1937 Michaelmas Mr F. Singleton Emmanuel
1938 Lent Mr J. M. Simonds[11] Magdalene
1938 Easter Mr P. R. Noakes Queens'
1938 Michaelmas Mr S. M. Kumaramangalam[12] King's
1939 Lent Hon. P. T. T. Butler Trinity
1939 Easter Mr P. B. Hague[13] Emmanuel
1939 Michaelmas Mr P. G. B. Keuneman Pembroke

The election of Officers was suspended and a Committee of Management appointed.

Chairmen of debates, 1939–1944[edit]

Year Term Chairman College
1939 Michaelmas Mr R. R. Pittam Pembroke
1940 Lent Mr G. L. Stewart Fitzwilliam House
1940 Easter Mr J. R. A. Bottomley Trinity
1940 Michaelmas Debates suspended
1941 Lent Mr J. Maynard Smith Trinity
1941 Easter Debates suspended
1941 Michaelmas Debates suspended
1942 Lent Debates suspended
1942 Easter Mr H. B. Dunkerley King's
1942 Michaelmas Mr G. A. Leven Trinity
1943 Lent Mr R. S. Taylor St Catharine's
1943 Easter Mr N. D. Sandelson Trinity
1943 Michaelmas Mr R. R. Feilden Corpus Christi
1944 Lent Mr J. S. B. Butler King's
1944 Easter Mr C. Salmon Trinity Hall


The election of Officers was resumed.

Year Term President College
1944 Michaelmas Mr P. Goldman Pembroke
1945 Lent Mr S. Clement Davies Trinity Hall
1945 Easter Mr D. J. W. Coward Trinity
1945 Michaelmas Mr M. P. Frankel Peterhouse
1946 Lent Mr G. J. Carter Magdalene
1946 Easter Mr W. J. E. Coventon Magdalene
1946 Michaelmas Mr G. F. Boston Magdalene
1947 Lent Mr W. H. L. Richmond Trinity
1947 Easter Mr I. S. Lloyd King's
1947 Michaelmas Mr R. C. M. Young King's
1948 Lent Mr H. J. C. Berkeley Pembroke
1948 Easter Mr D. E. C. Price Trinity
1948 Michaelmas Mr T. C. Hewlett Magdalene
1949 Lent Mr G. W. Pattison St John's
1949 Easter Mr P. C. M. Curtis-Bennett Christ's
1949 Michaelmas Mr D. K. Freeth[14] Trinity Hall
1950 Lent Mr P. Cradock St John's
1950 Easter Mr N. St John-Stevas Fitzwilliam House
1950 Michaelmas Mr R. G. Waterhouse St John's
1951 Lent Mr J. Ashley Gonville and Caius
Mr G. Mathur Magdalene
1951 Easter Mr D. G. Macmillan Magdalene
1951 Michaelmas Mr F. J. Williams Trinity
1952 Lent Mr G. E. Janner Trinity Hall
1952 Easter Mr D. R. Hurd Trinity
1952 Michaelmas Mr A. H. Sampson Selwyn
1953 Lent Mr P. J. Mansfield Pembroke
1953 Easter Mr I. J. McIntyre St John's
1953 Michaelmas Mr H. S. Thomas Queens'
1954 Lent Mr Derick Mirfin Magdalene
1954 Easter Mr N. O. Tomalin Trinity Hall
1954 Michaelmas Mr G. Shaw St John's
1955 Lent Mr R. G. Moore[15] Trinity
1955 Easter Mr J. D. Waite Corpus Christi
1955 Michaelmas Mr J. N. Crichton-Miller Pembroke
1956 Lent Mr M. D. Rosenhead St John's
1956 Easter Mr R. F. Peierls Gonville and Caius
1956 Michaelmas Mr K. W. J. Post St John's
1957 Lent Mr N. H. Marshall St John's
1957 Easter Mr D. R. Fairbairn Gonville and Caius
1957 Michaelmas Mr K. G. MacInnes Trinity
1958 Lent Mr C. T. Norman-Butler Trinity
1958 Easter Mr T. L. Higgins Gonville and Caius
1958 Michaelmas Mr J. H. Cockcroft St John's
1959 Lent Hon. J. P. F. St L. Grenfell King's
1959 Easter Mr J. W. F. Nott Trinity
1959 Michaelmas Mr B. Walsh Gonville and Caius
1960 Lent Mr C. S. Tugendhat Gonville and Caius
1960 Easter Mr L. A. C. F. Giovene di Girasole[16] St Catharine's
1960 Michaelmas Mr L. Brittan Trinity
1961 Lent Mr A. Firth Trinity
1961 Easter Mr A. C. Renfrew St John's
1961 Michaelmas Mr P. G. Hancock Emmanuel
1962 Lent Mr J. S. Gummer Selwyn
1962 Easter Mr M. Howard Peterhouse
1962 Michaelmas Mr B. H. Pollitt[17] King's
1963 Lent Mr W. I. C. Binnie Pembroke
1963 Easter Mr K. H. Clarke Gonville and Caius
1963 Michaelmas Mr O. Weaver Trinity
1964 Lent Mr N. S. H. Lamont Fitzwilliam House
1964 Easter Mr C. E. Lysaght[18] Christ's
1964 Michaelmas Mr J. C. H. Davies Emmanuel
1965 Lent Mr P. S. Fullerton Gonville and Caius
1965 Easter Mr J. V. Cable Fitzwilliam House
1965 Michaelmas Mr J. M. J. Burford Emmanuel
1966 Lent Mr R. A. Perlman St Catharine's
1966 Easter Mr A. J. Vinson Gonville and Caius
1966 Michaelmas Mr B. P. Crossley Trinity
1967 Lent Mr M. Horowitz Pembroke
1967 Easter Mr N. P. R. Wall Trinity
1967 Michaelmas Miss A. Mallalieu Newnham
1968 Lent Mr I. Martin Emmanuel
1968 Easter Mr G. W. Martin Magdalene
1968 Michaelmas Mr K. W. Jarrold Sidney Sussex
1969 Lent Mr P. J. Tyson-Cain Downing
1969 Easter Miss H. V. Middleweek Newnham
1969 Michaelmas Mr H. R. D. Anderson Trinity
1970 Lent Mr R. K. Evans Trinity Hall
1970 Easter Mr R. Dhavan[19] Emmanuel
1970 Michaelmas Mr N. F. Stadlen Trinity
1971 Lent Mr P. L. Heslop[20] Christ's
1971 Easter Mr R. M. Jackson[21] Jesus
1971 Michaelmas Miss A-A. Stassinopoulos Girton
1972 Lent Mr D. J. Powell St Catharine's
1972 Easter Mr K. F. Carey Downing
1972 Michaelmas Mr C. R. Smith Pembroke
1973 Lent Mr A. G. Oppenheimer Trinity
1973 Easter Mr D. A. Grace Magdalene
1973 Michaelmas Mr E. M. Goyder Trinity
1974 Lent Mr H. H. J. Carter Gonville and Caius
1974 Easter Mr J. T. Harris Trinity
1974 Michaelmas Mr P. S. Weil Jesus
1975 Lent Mr D. M. Bean[22] Trinity Hall
1975 Easter Mr D. P. Condit Trinity
1975 Michaelmas Mr P. L. Bazalgette Fitzwilliam
1976 Lent Mr C. J. Greenwood Magdalene
1976 Easter Mr D. W. Johnson Selwyn
1976 Michaelmas Mr P. J. Fudakowski Magdalene
1977 Lent Mr K. Thapar Pembroke
1977 Easter Mr A. T. A. Dallas Emmanuel
1977 Michaelmas Mr J. A. Turner Gonville and Caius
1978 Lent Mr A. J. B. Mitchell Jesus
1978 Easter Mr R. D. Harris Selwyn
1978 Michaelmas Mr D. J. M. Janner Trinity Hall
1979 Lent Mr E. J. I. Stourton Trinity
1979 Easter Mr D. J. A. Casserley Jesus
1979 Michaelmas Mr M. J. Booth Trinity
1980 Lent Mr M. A. Bishop[23] Downing
1980 Easter Miss M. J. Libby Girton
1980 Michaelmas Mr C. H. Gallagher Jesus
1981 Lent Mr D. N. Senior Jesus
1981 Easter Mr P. M. Sugarman St John's
1981 Michaelmas Mr G. W. C. Kavanagh St John's
1982 Lent Mr P. N. L. Harvey St Catharine's
1982 Easter Mr S. R. M. Baynes Magdalene
1982 Michaelmas Mr B. C. Jenkin Corpus Christi
1983 Lent Mr S. H. Milton Gonville and Caius
1983 Easter Miss M. McDonagh New Hall
1983 Michaelmas Mr J. A. Lloyd Fitzwilliam
1984 Lent Mr G. B. Davies St John's
1984 Easter Mr A. J. H. Lownie Magdalene
1984 Michaelmas Miss L. Chapman-Jury St John's
1985 Lent Mr L. P. Anisfeld Trinity
1985 Easter Mr C. D. Blackwood[24] Gonville and Caius
1985 Michaelmas Mr D. N. Walbank Queens'
1986 Lent Mr T. H. Oliver St John's
1986 Easter Mr C. D. Steele Girton
1986 Michaelmas Mr C. G. Earles Sidney Sussex
1987 Lent Mr M. P. N. Tod[25] St John's
1987 Easter Mr M. P. Lindsay Magdalene
1987 Michaelmas Mr A. P. Ground St John's
1988 Lent Mr S. J. Greenhalgh[26] Trinity
1988 Easter Mr C. M. Kelly[27] Trinity
1988 Michaelmas Mr P. C. W. Pressdee St John's
1989 Lent Mr A. Aithal Trinity
1989 Easter Miss C. A. Doerries[28] New Hall
1989 Michaelmas Mr N. A. Pink Pembroke
1990 Lent Mr C. H. M. Robson St John's
1990 Easter Mr D. C. Willink Magdalene
1990 Michaelmas Mr M. F. Harris Corpus Christi
1991 Lent Mr M. S. Scott-Fleming Magdalene
1991 Easter Mr R. S. Mitter King's
1991 Michaelmas Miss E. D. Johnson Queens'
1992 Lent Mr S. P. J. Nixon Trinity
1992 Easter Miss C. V. Balding Newnham
1992 Michaelmas Mr N. P. Allen Emmanuel
1993 Lent Mr B. M. Elkington Trinity
1993 Easter Mr G. L. Barwell Trinity
1993 Michaelmas Miss L. C. Frazer Newnham
1994 Lent Mr S. Swaroop Magdalene
1994 Easter Mr C. M. Farmer Magdalene
1994 Michaelmas Mr S. D. Kirk Emmanuel
1995 Lent Miss R. C. Penn Churchill
1995 Easter Mr N. J. Boys Smith Peterhouse
1995 Michaelmas Mr D. H. Branch Magdalene
1996 Lent Mr N. Chatrath Jesus
1996 Easter Mr A. Cannon[29] Magdalene
1996 Michaelmas Miss I. Waddell[30] Newnham
1997 Lent Mr A. Leek Emmanuel
1997 Easter Mr J. Shapiro Peterhouse
1997 Michaelmas Mr G. Weetman[31] Christ's
1998 Lent Miss S. E. Raine Trinity
1998 Easter Miss R. Durkin Corpus Christi
1998 Michaelmas Mr A. Slater Corpus Christi
1999 Lent Mr O. Wellings Pembroke
1999 Easter Miss S. Gledhill Christ's
1999 Michaelmas Mr G. Bevis Magdalene
2000 Lent Miss V. Perkins Pembroke
2000 Easter Miss A. Newton Newnham
2000 Michaelmas Dr P. J. Abbott Magdalene
2001 Lent Miss D. Newman Fitzwilliam
2001 Easter Mr W. M. Tan Trinity
2001 Michaelmas Mr J. M. Brier[32] Christ's
2002 Lent Dr J. Devanny[33] Jesus
2002 Easter Mr M. W. S. Lynas Trinity
2002 Michaelmas ‡ Mr T. B. Kibasi Trinity
Mr T. H. Jeffery Trinity
2003 Lent Mr S. K. Kabraji Trinity
2003 Easter Mr E. C. Cumming[34] Downing
2003 Michaelmas Mr W. E. Gallagher[35] Trinity Hall
2004 Lent Mr S. G. Parkinson Emmanuel
2004 Easter Miss K. I. D. I. Steadman New Hall
2004 Michaelmas Mr R. Friedman Emmanuel
2005 Lent Mr A. E. Ross Fitzwilliam
2005 Easter Mr J. M. Khan Trinity
2005 Michaelmas Miss J. R. Scott Pembroke
2006 Lent Miss S. J. Pobereskin King's
2006 Easter Miss A. Thompson Trinity
2006 Michaelmas Mr L. E. Pearce King's
2007 Lent Mr M. Jacobson St John's
2007 Easter Mr A. Al-Ansari Homerton
2007 Michaelmas Mr R. J. A. Foxcroft Churchill
2008 Lent ‡ Mr W. P. Wearden King's
Mr L. Wei Churchill
2008 Easter Mr E. D. Bishton Fitzwilliam
2008 Michaelmas Mr A. Bott Sidney Sussex
2009 Lent Miss O. F. Potts Corpus Christi
2009 Easter Mr L. Fear-Segal Robinson
2009 Michaelmas Mr J. Domercq King's
2010 Lent Mr J. D. Laurence Christ's
2010 Easter Mr A. P. Chapman Robinson
2010 Michaelmas Mr J. Counsell Sidney Sussex
2011 Lent Miss L. E. S. Davidson Christ's
2011 Easter Miss F. I. R. Hill Trinity Hall
2011 Michaelmas Mr C. C. Macdonald Downing
2012 Lent Miss K. Lam Trinity
2012 Easter Mr D. J. Leigh St Catharine's
Mr M. A. Black Magdalene
2012 Michaelmas Mr A. Mahler Trinity Hall
2013 Lent Mr B. L. F. Kentish Emmanuel
2013 Easter Mr J. G. Fenster Selwyn
2013 Michaelmas Miss J. Mobed Murray Edwards
2014 Lent Miss I. K. Schön Murray Edwards
2014 Easter Mr M. C. Dunn Goekjian Trinity
2014 Michaelmas Mr T. J. M. Squirrell Churchill
2015 Lent Miss A. E. J. Gregg Murray Edwards
2015 Easter Mr C. C. Epaminondas Trinity
2015 Michaelmas Mr O. S. Mosley St John's
2016 Lent Mr J. W. Hutt Pembroke
2016 Easter Miss C. M. E. Ivers Pembroke
2016 Michaelmas Miss A. O. Lambert Newnham
2017 Lent Miss K. T. Dunbar Magdalene
2017 Easter Mr H. O. Stovin-Bradford Fitzwilliam
2017 Michaelmas Miss P. Nyame-Satterthwaite Christ's
2018 Lent Mr J. I. Surkes Clare
2018 Easter Miss M. Epishkina St Catharine's
2018 Michaelmas Mr C. W. M. Connor King's
2019 Lent Mr W. E. Smart Peterhouse
2019 Easter Mr A. Shah King's
2019 Michaelmas Miss R. S. Tustin Peterhouse
2020 Lent Mr G. B. Barton-Singer Trinity
2020 Easter Mr A. Davies Magdalene
2020 Michaelmas Miss E. Ullah Homerton
2021 Lent Mr F. Fisk Robinson
2021 Easter Mr J. Rosen Trinity Hall
2021 Michaelmas Mr K. D. Bradwell Queens'
2022 Lent Mr J. C. Vitali Christ's
2022 Easter Miss L. Ryder Sidney Sussex
2022 Michaelmas Miss L. E. Brown Downing
2023 Lent Mr C. D. A. George Wolfson
2023 Easter Mr J. Appiah III Pembroke
2023 Michaelmas ‡ Mr M. Ghose Trinity Hall
Mr C. J. M. Palmer Homerton

Presidents elected a second time are marked with * Presidents who resigned are marked with ‡ Presidents who resigned after being elected but prior to taking office, where known, are marked with ∂


  • After a Presidential Interpretation in 2001, "any officer who resigns before completing their term in office should not be granted the status (of ex officio) unless there are extenuating circumstances."[36]
  • Following a constitutional change in July 2015, Presidents are automatically appointed as directors of the Union's subsidiary company, Cambridge Union Society Events Ltd.[37]

Fictional Presidents[edit]


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